European Pro Wallball Tour Women’s Singles Rankings End-of-Season 2017-18

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Top 10 & Irish Ranked Players

Top 10    
Gimenez, MarESP10508
Scheffer, MirandaNED20433
Siegersma, HarmkeNED30425
Diez VictoriaESP4+1281
Havern, LorraineIRL5-1200
Giner, AnaESP5+1200
Monfils, AnneNED70175
Broesrsma, AnnelienNED80170
Hanley, SinneadIRL90143
Clement, SarahNED10+1131
Irish Ranked Outside Top 10    
Ni Dhuill, CailiosaIRL36020
Prentice, SiobhanIRL41018.3
McElduff, MaeveIRL42016.6
Mahon, CiaraIRL42016.6
Ni Mhathuna, CiaraIRL42016.6
Owens, NoleenIRL46+213.3
Havern, MaryIRL56+19
Gallagher, PaulineIRL60+16.6
McCarthy, AoifeIRL63+15
Hanley, BarbaraIRL63+15
McCoy, MichelleIRL69+23
Kelly, CatherineIRL76+21
European Pro Wallball Tour Women’s Singles Rankings End-of-Season 2017-18 [Reference: 2]


Ireland’s Lorraine Havern (5th) and Sinnead Hanley (9th) finished in the Top 10 in the European Pro Wallball Tour Women’s Singles Rankings at the end of the 2017-18 season.

About Wallball

Handball was included as one of the four original Gaelic Games in the GAA charter of 1884. It is the only one to have become a genuine sport, with the game being played at a high level in USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, Basque Country, Belgium, Netherlands and the UK.

Wallball is a version of the sport which attempts to unite the various versions of the sport played worldwide and the European Wallball Tour is a Pro Tour with events in Belgium, Spain, Netherlands and UK.



[2] European Pro Wallball (2017) Women’s Rankings – Rankings as they stand at the end of the 2017/2018 Season [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 19 May 2018]


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