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Georgian Lelo Federation Samegrelo Region Championship 2016

Georgian Lelo Federation Logo
Georgian Lelo Federation Logo [Reference: 1]


13.08.2016Khobi6Zugdidi5 aet
3rd Place
Georgian Lelo Federation Samegrelo Region Championship 2016 [Reference: 2-3]


Poti won the first Lelo Championship of the Samegrelo Region of Georgia in 2016, triumphing 7-3 in the Final against Khobi. The Championship was the first in the region and featured 8 teams, with the tournament played in a straight knockout format.

The Poti Lelo team receiving their Trophy and Medals
The Poti Lelo team receiving their Trophy and Medals [Reference: 4]

About Lelo Burti

Lelo, also known as Lelo Burti, is the traditional ball game of Georgia, a small republic in the Caucusus Mountains between Europe and Asia near Turkey and Russia that is newly independent. Lelo is possibly why Rugby Union is so popular in Georgia, and is their Native Sport, currently undergoing a revival. [Reference: 2-3]



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