Rounders-Baseball International Rules 2008

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DateRounders TeamBaseball Team
Rounders GameMorris Park, Ballon, Co. Carlow
29.03.2008GAA Rounders All-Stars39Dublin Spartans35

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The game started slowly with the Dublin Spartans getting used to the Rounders rules, however, the pace picked up once they got used to them, and the GAA Rounders All-Stars were under pressure with a lot of high balls dropped. The GAA Rounders All-Stars won what proved to be a lively and exciting match, by a slim 39-35 margin. [1]

A return match playing under Baseball rules was discussed. [1]


While no Compromise Rules have ever been introduced for Rounders-Baseball, it is customary for International Rules matches to be played under first Rounders rules, and then Baseball or Softball rules, with each team getting a chance to try out the other teams sport.

Baseball and Rounders are both similar Bat-Ball-and-bases games, where the goal is to hit a ball pitched by the pitcher, and run around a square infield with four bases back to home base or plate as it is known in Baseball. There are 9 players on both teams though only the batter is on field when the offense is up. All 9 players take the field when defense is up. A player is out when caught out or tagged before reaching a base. After 3 outs an innings ends. There are 9 innings for both teams in a match. Scores are one point for each players who gets back home.

A Sliotar (Hurling Ball) is used in Rounders, and a Baseball (similar in size but harder) in Baseball. Players wear mits in Baseball, but in Rounders bare hands are used to catch the ball. Baseball is thought to have descended from Rounders. [1]


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