Camanachd Association Shinty Marine Harvest South Division 2 2000-2003

Camanachd Associatio Logo
Camanachd Association Logo [References: 1]

CA South Division 2 2000-01

South Division 2 2000-01PWDLFAPts
Bute (C)141013431521
Edinburgh East Lothian14923391720
Edinburgh University14455281713
Glasgow University14527302012
St. Andrews University1410139782
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CA South Division 2 2001-02

South Division 2 2001-02PWDLFAPts
Glenorchy (C)161402562228
Edinburgh East Lothian161213562025
Glasgow Mid Argyll16826393318
The Highlanders16718193015
Edinburgh University16619232113
Glasgow University1623119267
St. Andrews University16201418584
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CA South Division 2 2002-03

South Division 2 2002-03PWDLFAPts
Glasgow University (C)121110651423
The Highlanders12903381618
Glasgow Mid Argyll12723281816
Edinburgh East Lothian12516262411
St. Andrews University12201011754
Edinburgh University12101111282
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The Camanachd Association Shinty South Division 2 was the 2nd level in the South Region and third Nationally from 2000-01 to 2002-03. Bute were Champions in 2000-01 and automatically promoted to South Division 1, and the following year Glenorchy (2nds team) took the title before Glasgow University won the Division in 2002-03. There was no league below it in the South. The Shinty Leagues went over to a Summer Schedule in 2004 with a small Interim League based solely on North and South Divisions in Summer/Autumn 2003. Logo Logo [References: 2]

About Shinty

Shinty is a Hurling-like game which would have similar origins, although there are no points in Shinty and the game is played along the ground. It is 12-a-side. There is an annual Hurling-Shinty International Rules Series played between Ireland and Scotland.

Map of Scottish Lowlands



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