Handball-Pelota International Tailteann Games Ireland v Basque Country 1932

Tailteann Games Poster 2-3 August 1932
Tailteann Games Poster 2-3 August 1932 [Reference: 1]

Ireland v Basque Country International 1932

DateIreland TeamBasque Country Team
22.06.1932P. Perry2Jose Aramendi110-21. 21-11, 21-20
22.06.1932P. Bell2Manuel Urcelay113-21, 21-16, 21-13
Hard-Ball Doubles
24.06.1932J. McGrath &
R. McGinn
2M. Urcelay &
J. Aramendi
31-21, 21-17, 6-21, 21-20, 8-21
Hardball Doubles
28.06.1932P. Berry &
B. Walsh
0M. Urcelay &
J. Aramendi
35-21, 13-21, 2-21
Handball-Pelota International Ireland v Basque Country 1932 [Reference: 1]

Final Score: The series finished Ireland 2 Basque Country 2.


The match was organised by Eamonn de Valera, and featured the Irish Soft-ball Champion, P. Perry, the Irish Junior soft-ball champion, as well as Gardai Sgt. J. McGrath (Depot) & R. McGinn (Clontarf), and was part of the Tailteann Games of 1932 which brought together the Irish & Celts from all over the World for our version of the Olympic Games.

Sets alternated between using the Irish ball and the Basque ball. The Series finished 2 matches each, with Ireland winning both Singles matches, and the Basques winning both Hardball Doubles matches. The Basques paid compliment to Ireland’s Handballers, saying they could beat the World, and the Irish Press complimented the fine display put on by the Basques.



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Note: Past Editions of the Irish Press, Irish Independent and Limerick Leader are available to view online at the Irish Newspaper Archive at: https://www.irishnewsarchive.com/ which is a subscription service.


Thanks to Kevin Smyth & Enda Fahy.

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