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Shinty Matches in Ireland 18th Century


Irish Shinty Matches 18th Century

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Irish Shinty Matches

Cork Racket Court Club vs 81st Regiment

Note: Actual Date in 1779 unknown. References: [S-2]


Even by the 18th Century the differences between Hurley/Hurling, also known as Summer or Leinster Hurling or Iomáiníocht in Irish, and Camán or Camánaíocht in Irish, which was played across the Northern Half of the Island of Ireland, and Shinty or Camanachd in Scottish Gaelic, which was played primarily in the Scottish Highlands, was discernible from the reports. [References: S-1 to S-2]

A game of ‘Shiney’ was played in 1779 between the local Cork Racket Court Club and the 81st Regiment. It was described as the ‘Caledonian Game’ and must be the earliest reference to a game of Shinty in Ireland. [References: S-2]


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