Hurling-Shinty Internationals Ireland v Scotland 1988-1999

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DateVenueHome TeamAway Team
1988Bught ParkScotland4Ireland6
1989Croke ParkIreland4Scotland5
1990Bught ParkScotland5Ireland3
1991Pairc an GaelIreland6Scotland6
1992Bught ParkScotland3Ireland6
1993Bught ParkScotland4Ireland2
1995Fort WilliamScotland5Ireland4
1996ClareIreland0-10 (10)Scotland3-8 (17)
1997Croke ParkIreland1-9 (12)Scotland3-8 (17)
1998Scotland0-12 (12)Ireland0-7 (7)
1999Scotland3-6 (15)Ireland2-1 (7)
Hurling-Shinty Internationals Ireland v Scotland 1988-1999 [Reference: 1-3]
GAA Logo [Reference: 1]
GAA Logo [Reference: 1]


The Hurling-Shinty International Series between Ireland and Scotland, which had been discontinued in 1980, was revived in 1988. The first five encounters were fairly evenly matched, and Ireland split the series 2-2 with Scotland, with one drawn match. From then on Scotland took over, winning 6 of the next seven encounters, with one tie, despite the scoring system changing from goals only to goals (3 Points) and overs (1 point) in 1996, which should have given Ireland an advantage as the Scottish game is played mostly on the gounnd with no overs. It was said in one report in the Irish Independent in 1999, that the Irish failed to care enough. With a new millennium dawning a new approach was necessary from Ireland, it was said.

About Hurling-Shinty International Rules

Hurling-Shinty International Rules, also known as Compromise Rules, is a game featuring as its name suggests a compromise between the two codes of Gaelic Hurling: Irish Hurling (15-a-side and Points over the bar as well as goals) and Scottish Shinty (12-a-side, Goals only). currently the sport is 14-a-side with both goals and points over tha bar counting, although in the past 13-a-side has been used, as well numerous scoring systems, such as Goals-and-points, Goals-only, Goals-and-Points-with-a-double-score-for-a-Scottish-Shinty-Point (Shinty is played on the ground, giving Hurling, which is played through the air an advantage in points); and Goals-Points-And-Behinds (worth 6 points, 3 Points and 1 Point respectively as opposed to 3 points for a goal an one for a point usually).There is also a Camogie-Shinty version of the game for Women.


AthenryCo. Galway, Ireland
Bught ParkInverness, Highlands, Scotland
Croke ParkDublin, Ireland
Fort WilliamHighlands, Scotland
Pairc an GaelLimerick, Ireland



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Copies of the Irish Independent & Kilkenny People are available to view online at which is a subscription service.


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