Australian Rules Football League of Ireland | Premiership 2011

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Final Ladder

*Leeside Lions12100248736433
*South Dublin Swans1280475336131
*Midwest Magpies1280462126929
*Dublin Demons1270547665023
Belfast Redbacks ######1230926940613
North Leinster Kangaroos ##1230927353613
Midland Tigers ##60061383274
West Dublin Saints ###6006875033

Reference: compiled from [1][2]

Points System: 4 Pts Win / 1 Pt Loss (Premiership Round) / 2 Pts Win / 1 Pt Loss (Lightning Premiership Round) / 0 Pts Forfeit #

Note: North Leinster Kangaroos entered competition on 13 July 2011. They were a merger of Midland Tigers and West Dublin Saints. [3] They took the record of the Midland Tigers forward for the rest of the competition.


DateHome TeamAway Team
Grand FinalDurrow, Co. Laois
24.09.2011South Dublin Swans6.9 (45)Leeside Lions5.7 (37)

Reference: [4]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Lightning Round 1
07.05.2011Dublin Demons43Midland Tigers33
07.05.2011West Dublin Saints0 #Dublin Demons25
07.05.2011South Dublin Swans25West Dublin Saints0 #
07.05.2011Leeside Lions25Belfast Redbacks0 #
07.05.2011Midwest Magpies18South Dublin Swans29
07.05.2011Midland Tigers20Leeside Lions50
07.05.2011Leeside Lions45Midwest Magpies15
07.05.2011Midwest Magpies25Belfast Redbacks0 #
Round 2
21.05.2011Midwest Magpies50Dublin Demons0 #
21.05.2011West Dublin Saints38South Dublin Swans81
21.05.2011Leeside Lions48Midland Tigers27
Round 3
11.06.2011Belfast Redbacks93Dublin Demons30
11.06.2011Midwest Magpies163West Dublin Saints15
11.06.2011South Dublin Swans86Midland Tigers58
Round 4
18.06.2011Leeside Lions76South Dublin Swans61
18.06.2011Midwest Magpies50Midland Tigers0 #
18.06.2011Belfast Redbacks50West Dublin Saints0 #
Round 5
09.07.2011Dublin Demons159West Dublin Saints37
09.07.2011Midland Tigers0 #Belfast Redbacks50
09.07.2011Leeside Lions31Midwest Magpies87
Lightning Round 6Islandbridge
16.07.2011North Leinster Kangaroos25South Dublin Swans17
16.07.2011Belfast Redbacks38North Leinster Kangaroos41
16.07.2011Belfast Redbacks23Dublin Demons57
16.07.2011Dublin Demons30Midwest Magpies26
16.07.2011South Dublin Swans16Leeside Lions28
Round 7
23.07.2011Leeside Lions84Dublin Demons48
23.07.2011Belfast Redbacks15South Dublin Swans78
Round 8
06.08.2011Belfast Redbacks0 #Midwest Magpies50
06.08.2011South Dublin Swans208Dublin Demons7
06.08.2011North Leinster Kangaroos7Leeside Lions71
Round 9
20.08.2011Midwest Magpies55South Dublin Swans90
20.08.2011Leeside Lions50Belfast Redbacks0 #
20.08.2011Dublin Demons119North Leinster Kangaroos39
Lightning Round 10Mullingar
27.08.2011North Leinster Kangaroos25Belfast Redbacks0 #
27.08.2011Belfast Redbacks0 #South Dublin Swans25
27.08.2011South Dublin Swans37Leeside Lions41
27.08.2011Leeside Lions8Dublin Demons53
27.08.2011Dublin Demons7Midwest Magpies49
27.08.2011Midwest Magpies39North Leinster Kangaroos22

Reference: [1]


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