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Camanachd Association Shinty Mowi Premiership 2022

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CA Camanachd Association Shinty Mowi Premiership 2022


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March 2022

Kingussie were already out in front of the 2022 Camanachd Association Shinty Mowi Premiership with victories over Caberfeidh (7-0), Kilmallie (2-1), and Kyles Athletic (2-0) leaving them on 6 points, one ahead of Newtonmore who had wins against Kinlochshiel (3-1) and Glasgow Mid Argyll (2-0) but were held to a 2-2 draw by Kyles Athletic.

Kinlochshiel were in third on four points following wins over Caberfeidh (2-0) and Oban Camanachd (2-0). That loss for Oban Camanachd was their first of the season following a win Glasgow Mid Argyll (3-0) and the loss was followed up with a big win versus Caberfeidh (5-1). Caberfeidh themselves had a win over Glasgow Mid Argyll (3-2) amid the big losses, and Kyles Athletic were also on two points after adding a draw with Fort William (2-2) following their earlier draw with Newtonmore as were Lovat who defeated Kilmallie 3-0 in their only league match in March. Both Glasgow Mid Argyll and Kilmallie had yet to secure a point. [References: S-1 to S-11]

About Shinty Premiership 2022

The 2022 Camanachd Association Shinty Mowi Premiership features the top 10 Shinty Clubs in Scotland (Alba in Gaelic), which were determined from the top teams in the Senior A to Senior C Regional Leagues imposed in 2021 due to Covid-19 Restrictions. These teams were Kinlochshiel, Kilmallie and Fort William (Senior A – Central); Caberfeidh, Kingussie, Lovat and Newtonmore (Senior B – North); Kyles Athletic, Oban Camanachd and Glasgow Mid Argyll (Senior C – South)


Shinty is Gaelic Scotland’s traditional version of Hurling. It is one of the forgotten Gaelic, Celtic or Atlantic Games like Basque Pelota and Welsh Baseball, played mostly in Gaelic parts of Scotland like the Highlands and Islands.

The game is very similar to Hurling, with a curved stick used to hit a ball through a goal, except there is no point-over-the-bar and less play in the air. The game is 12-a-side as opposed to Hurling’s 15-a-side. It is also known as Camanachd in Scottish Gaelic.


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