League: Atlantic League Ice Hockey

Atlantic League (Ice Hockey) 1995-96


The Atlantic League in Ice Hockey in 1995-96 featured three teams from North France (Dragons Rouen, Gothiques Amiens and Flames Blueus Reims), two from Denmark (IK Esbjerg and IK Herning) and one from Netherlands (Tilburg Trappers). The League was intended to provide more competitive matches for the teams involved while also competing in their own National Leagues. The League was won convincingly by Dragons Rouen, who won 8 of their 10 matches, losing none to finish on 18 Points, nine ahead of second placed Flames Blueus Reims. Two Danish teams IK Esbjerg and IK Herning finished a point further back on 8, and in fifth place were Gothiques Amiens on 7 points. Three games involving the Dutch entrant Tilburg Trappers were unplayed, with the team finishing in sixth on 4 points.

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